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Nepal Earthquake 2015 & member of GISCorps’ ArcGIS Online (AGO) Subcommittee

Brian Baldwin
Brian Baldwin

Like many people that watched the humanitarian crisis unfold after the Nepalese earthquake of 2015, I had wished there was something I could do to assist.  The GISCorps mission was a request from ACAPS to create an interactive mapping application that could be used to assess where the most vulnerable populations existed in Nepal, in order to prioritize and focus projects.  The mission was a fantastic experience to work with a diverse coalition over 3 weeks to assess the needs of the organization and quickly build out a web mapping application that could be used to query across multiple vulnerability indices.  Knowing not only that the application was used, but also that it was pushed onto the UN’s Nepal website gave me a great deal of satisfaction.

I love spending time with my beautiful family, including my expectant wife and goofball toddler.  I also love to crank up my guitar amp and rip on my old Stratocaster when time allows, hike, obsess over the perfect method for cold brewing coffee, and join in an occasional dance party with my toddler when we start spinning the Saturday Night Fever record.

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