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Dr. Karen Payne

Organization: University of Georgia/Information Technology Outreach Services

DPRK Project with iMMAP/WFP, 2009-2015 It is my privilege to be part of the GISCorps, iMMAP, ITOS and WFP team…

Chris Zumwalt

Organization: WRA, Inc.

DPRK Project with iMMAP/WFP, 2010-2015 I've been involved with the DPRK project since the pilot phase and it has been…

Carol Kraemer

Carol Kraemer

Organization: Gainesville State College (GSC)/Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis (IESA), Oakwood, GA

(DPRK) Mission with iMMAP/WFP – North Korea/2010-2015 I was brought into the mission while still in the pilot phase and…

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