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GISCorps Team Worked Remotely from the US for Little Andaman Islands of India

In partnership with SEEDS India and MapAction, a seven member team created various datasets for the Little Andaman Islands of India which were severely affected by the December 2004 tsunami. Members of this team all reside in the United States and worked on this project remotely from their homes and places of employment. They began work on the project in mid-February.

Peter Price and students at North Harris College.

This team was led by GISCorps volunteer Beni Patel. The other six volunteers are Prof. Peter Price of North Harris College and his students, Marlen Kokaz, Chandreyee Lahiri, Meredith Williams, Dyhan Appachu, and Anand Trivedi. The team gathered and processed data (scanning, digitizing, classifying satellite imagery, etc.) and created spatial and non-spatial datasets. See more of this team in action here:

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