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The Redlands Chamber of Commerce is a business resource to advocate for its membership and seeks to promote and support the city of Redlands through workforce, economic and leadership development. Incorporated in 1893, the Redlands Chamber of Commerce provides a service for local business and professionals looking to improve their business and build a better community.

Redlands Chamber of Commerce requested the help of a GISCorps volunteer to make graphical, functional, and data update enhancements to its membership directory Instant App; to perform a needs assessment for the future home of Redlands Chamber of Commerce’s Visit Redlands and Events pages; to generate customized Business Analyst reports for the Chamber’s membership categories; and to provide training and documentation for Redlands Chamber of Commerce staff to continue to maintain their products.

Hannah Bubacz, a volunteer from Wisconsin, has been selected to perform the app upgrades, conduct the needs assessment, and build the Business Analyst reports.

Recruitment complete. Project in progress.

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