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Volunteer developing ArcGIS Online training videos in Spanish

FONAFIFO is a Costa Rican government institution that provides payments to landowners who enter into contracts with the government to preserve forested lands, practice sustainable forest management, etc., in exchange for environmental services. FONAFIFO sought the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer…

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Compassion Report Map Screen Shot With Photos

Customizing a Story Map for Compassion Games

The Compassion Games are part of an international compassion movement that inspires participation in something greater than oneself. The Compassion Games help us to understand, connect, and learn from each other while co-creating a global culture of kindness.  The Compassion Games…

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GISCorps volunteer conducting GIS Needs Assessment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s National Forestry Financing Fund requested a GISCorps volunteer with expertise in conducting GIS Needs Assessments and providing recommendations for upgrading the geospatial information management system of Costa Rica’s National Forestry Financing Fund. Commissioned for Costa Rica’s National Forestry…

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