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Responding to the European Refugee & Migrant Crisis

A collaboration between GISCorps and UN/NGO organizations responding to the European Refugee & Migrant Crisis Overview With millions of people fleeing hardship and violence in Syria as well as many other countries, the humanitarian community is facing significant challenges. Coordinating…

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Volunteers assisted in testing an application

In late 2016, Zizmos, a California based company, requested assistance from our volunteers in testing an application that detects earthquakes and provides seconds to minutes of warning before the onset of ground shaking. Tens of GISCorps volunteers downloaded the application and…

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GISCorps’ Geocoding Project – Niger

GISCorps’ Geocoding Project - Niger In support of the UNOCHA initiative to upgrade Common Operational Datasets, The University of Georgia/ITOS requested support from the GISCorps to geocode the locations of populated places in Niger. The task was to take the name of…

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