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“I have not taken the time to express my sincerest thanks for the efforts of the GISCorps volunteers tasked to the Mississippi recovery program. I want to thank you for the massive organizational efforts that you (Shoreh Elhami, GISCorps Chair) have personally put into this. You can not imagine how much better things are beginning to function (from a GIS standpoint) here at the MEMA command center.”

Cragin Knox, Administrator for the Mississippi Coordinating Council for RS/GIS

“Please express my very sincerest appreciation to every GISCorps volunteer who put time into the Katrina response/recovery efforts. I was overwhelmed with the commitment, dedication, and skill exhibited by every person. The state of Mississippi owes such a great debt of gratitude for your selflessly volunteering your time.”

David R. Shaw, GeoResources Institute, Mississippi State University

“……All down here have been quite pleased with the caliber of the volunteers that you have sent to us. Not only are their technical skills above average but they also have been socially accepted into the communities in which they work (e.g., residents bringing cakes and checking to see if they are in need of anything).”

Scott A. Samson, PhD. GeoResources Institute, Mississippi State

“The GIS support sites are either closing down as the recovery efforts evolve or placed under contract with commercial GIS consultants. FEMA is beginning to let out contracts to the private sector to continue the work that volunteers have been involved. We can call a halt to the call for all volunteers to work on the Hurricane Katrina relief project. All of the folks that you sent down to us were extremely talented and helped Mississippi tremendously. Although I would hate to see another disaster the size of Katrina come around again, I would call in GISCORPS again without question.”

Scott A. Samson, PhD. GeoResources Institute, Mississippi State

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