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IN1968 is an organic grassroots effort catalyzed by community technologist, Rafiki Cai. Its mission is to dynamically commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. The spirit of the project is that the social philosophy to which Dr. King gave his life, can help illuminate a still much needed national dialog on what are the collective values and social commitments of America. Through IN1968, a seed circle of educators, technologists and community activists look to initiate a wave of passive education that creatively captures the public’s attention concerning Dr. King and helps to expand the depth and breadth of what is known and appreciated about him.

IN1968 requested assistance from GISCorps volunteers in developing, publishing, and documenting creative and innovative interactive story maps. Two volunteers, Bethany Hall and Tyler Bristow, were selected for the project. They are in contact with Mr. Cai, and development is underway.

You can track the development of the project throughout the year:

Recruitment Complete, Project in Progress

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