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A grassroots volunteer group in South India requested GIS and data analysis support to study the distribution and patterns of noncommunicable diseases in Bangalore (Bengaluru), a fast-growing metropolis and the capital of Karntaka Province. 

Volunteer Cole White took on this effort using Microsoft Excel and QGIS 3, developing a series of maps and charts to create a holistic picture reflecting the current state of noncommunicable diseases in the city.

This work was conducted over three months, and largely consisted of statistical analysis of recorded cases within the city’s administrative zones. Additionally, World Health Organization data was used to examine national and international data pertaining to systemic public health issues and infrastructure, including air quality, fatality rates, and governance.

Cole wrote a formal project report for the team and provided additional support in the form of tutorial videos to assist them with use of QGIS 3 in their ongoing work.

The results of this work will be used to inform future public health decision making in the area.

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