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DaanMatch is a unified platform where funders, non-profits, and heroes of social impact can communicate and collaborate on projects they find meaningful to make more impact for every dollar. Impact leaders, social visionaries, and global changemakers are found in every country and village. DaanMatch believes advances in technology can and should benefit everyone. They use data science to maximize impact by facilitating sustainable partnerships for global development. They are building a mobile-first matching platform for social impact to facilitate connections, transparency, and trust between donors and the social sector.

Jarrett Livesey, a GISCorps volunteer from Wisconsin, was selected for the mission. His task was to create an app that made the 123,000+ India NGO Dataset searchable and accessible to anyone looking for help in India. The work initially centered specifically on using Esri’s Web App Builder to create the application. Esri support and Esri’s large dataset specialists were engaged to make the application as efficient as possible to load the large dataset. After multiple discussions, Esri decided that the load time issue is a bug and said that the bug would be addressed in the upcoming release of ArcGIS Online in November 2022. Jarrett decided to explore Esri Instant App to focus on the functionality to find nearby NGO locations instead. This iteration of the application development showed significant improvement on the load time of the dataset. The app is optimized to handle large dataset on mobile devices. Documentations on how to use the Instant App and how to update the NGO dataset were also created.

Instant App to look up nearby NGO.

Project Completed.

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