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BC Marine Trails Network Association, also known as BC Marine Trails or BCMT, is a volunteer-based non-profit organization based in British Columbia, Canada. Their mission is to build, protect, and promote a public network of marine trails allowing recreational navigation of the British Columbia coastline with minimal environmental impact. BCMT is comprised of 12 paddling clubs from Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, and the mainland of British Columbia.

Jeffrey Scarmazzi, a GISCorps volunteer from Virginia, was selected to assist BCMT. The work focused on supporting BCMT’s migration from an existing web application into ArcGIS Online (AGOL). They began by confirming a baseline data model and building ETL routines that would load their primary system of record (Knack) and attachment repository (Box) into a Hosted Feature Layer within AGOL. Once they had a way to store BCMT data within AGOL, the next step was to find a suitable tool within the Esri ecosystem that could replace their previous tool. There were 2 configuration solutions within AGOL that stood out immediately: Web AppBuilder (WAB) and Experience Builder (ExB). Since they thought the attachments coming from Box would be a primary interest for end users, and also because they wanted any custom development to take advantage of React and the new Esri JavaScript API, the first iteration of the BCMT tool focused on ExB. However, while it was certainly true that leveraging attachments for a given location was superior in ExB, the first round of review from the BCMT board, as well as some bugs within ExB when integrating into the final WordPresss site, made it clear that the default Widget pool in WAB would fit our needs much better. Additionally, there was staff at BCMT who already had familiarity with WAB and learning some of the newer configurations within ExB would have made the transition potentially more difficult. Once they had a reasonable application running within WAB, the final step was to create a custom Widget that extended the default Measurement tool and acts as a prototype for a tool that will be made available to BCMT members. Overall, this volunteer engagement lasted roughly 3 months and was a fantastic opportunity to engage in the many facets of a GIS engagement.

“GISCorps continues to provide projects that allow a volunteer to bite off as much they want. This work with BCMT really let me take a lot of responsibility and that is something that is hard to find in some volunteer projects.” – Jeff Scarmazzi

“GISCorps was a pleasure to work with and extremely professional throughout the entire process. Many thanks to GISCorps and of course our incredible volunteer Jeff, for helping make our project a reality!” – Tyler Murphy, BC Marine Trails Acting IT Team Lead

Project Completed

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