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GISCorps volunteer conducting GIS Needs Assessment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s National Forestry Financing Fund requested a GISCorps volunteer with expertise in conducting GIS Needs Assessments and providing recommendations for upgrading the geospatial information management system of Costa Rica’s National Forestry Financing Fund. Commissioned for Costa Rica’s National Forestry…

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Volunteers helped test geoform for a nonprofit organization

The request for volunteers came from [UN]cultivated in late 2016. Their mission is to preserve indigenous knowledge while cultivating food systems in harmony with nature. They believe that collaboration between indigenous knowledge holders and mainstream scientific research can generate new co-produced knowledge…

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Responding to the European Refugee & Migrant Crisis

A collaboration between GISCorps and UN/NGO organizations responding to the European Refugee & Migrant Crisis Overview With millions of people fleeing hardship and violence in Syria as well as many other countries, the humanitarian community is facing significant challenges. Coordinating…

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Volunteers assisted in testing an application

In late 2016, Zizmos, a California based company, requested assistance from our volunteers in testing an application that detects earthquakes and provides seconds to minutes of warning before the onset of ground shaking. Tens of GISCorps volunteers downloaded the application and…

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