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Animal Safe Migration – ASM ( is a US based nonprofit organization. Animal Safe Migrations’ purpose is to develop a long term solution of legal coexistence for animal safety with humans. Animals should have more migration and movement ability in their pursuit of mating, migration for food, away from hunting stress and over all pursuit of the enjoyment of living.

ASM requested help developing an ArcGIS online webmap to display and record current existing areas of safety and the parameters of each area. Then ASM will pursue owners and properties in between these current areas to adopt their conservation easements which safe harbor and allow animals’ safe existence or pass through. The easement properties will then be displayed over the years (in different colors). At the end, ASM is desirous of having a color coded trail connecting areas of safety for animals. The map will contain several data layers including National parks, State parks, City parks, National Forest, Bureau of land management, Tribal properties, private properties, etc. within King County, Washington at the onset. The geographic extent of the project will potentailly be expanded after the pilot project in King County is completed.

Volunteer Beth Carpenter was chosen for her AGO experience and knowledge of the local area and regional datasets.

Recruitment complete, project in progress

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