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Volunteer Helping Youth Bridge The Digital Divide In Detroit

Volunteer Helping Youth Bridge the Digital Divide in Detroit

Charity Co-Op is a cooperative of anti-poverty and safety net programs working together to overcome poverty in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The Cooperative also serves as an IT training and work experience incubator for Serve Squad, a virtual internship program for young people between the ages of 16 and 19.  Serve Squad interns develop technical skills and gain project management experience while also helping to battle poverty in their community. Interns receive stipends, services, community service credits and, in some cases, college credits. They also have the opportunity to earn an international badge validating their project management skills.

Charity Co-Op requested support from GISCorps in integrating a mapping component into their Smartsheet project management application. Map integration with Smartsheet is a fairly new capability, so the GISCorps Core Committee set out to identify a volunteer with a knack for figuring out new technologies and developing novel solutions. Maggie Peng of British Columbia, Canada, was selected for that role. Maggie will also document the workflow she develops and create tutorials for the Serve Squad interns.

Recruitment complete, project in process.

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