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Volunteers assisted in a disaster preparedness project in Indonesia

Earlier this year, eleven GISCorps volunteers were deployed to a project with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap¬†(HOT). This was our second collaborative project with HOT (first one in Samoa) and this time the work was conducted in Padang, Indonesia. Padang has been identified as one of Indonesia’s most vulnerable cities as a large portion of the population lives within the Tsunami Zones.

Tiles covering the City of Padang

Our Project Manager, Randy Hale who also spearheaded the Samoa HOT project, worked with ten other volunteers from ten different countries on this project. Volunteers were: Bart Monné from the Netherlands, Clotilde de Montpellier from Belgium, Gabriel Oduori from Kenya, Hayk Yeritsian from Armenia, Liz Fulton from Australia, Melanie Harris from Trinidad and Tobago, Nadeem Fareed from Pakistan, Oliva Martin Sanchez from the UK, Suchern Ong from New Zealand, and Yingqi Tang from the US.

Volunteers Digitized in JOSM Environment

GISCorps volunteers collected building footprint and road information from satellite imagery mainly in and around the city of Padang which is still recovering from its most recent earthquake (from over 600 tiles). The work was conducted in OpenStreetMap using JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor) and the goal of HOT and GISCorps to digitize all the building footprints and roads visible in satellite imagery that was purchased for this project was recently completed. As a result of this effort and compilation of these datasets, the City of Padang is now more prepared for disasters.

An example of a volunteer’s completed work (Nadeem Fareed)

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