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  • Find Volunteers
    • Create awareness of opportunity to volunteer through URISA publications
    • Look for other ways to get the word out (see Marketing section, flyers, etc.)
    • Enhance the existing volunteer application
  • Find Volunteer Opportunities
    • Establish partnerships with agencies that are providing related services in potential host countries to develop opportunities
  • Depending on the host community’s needs, volunteers might stay up to 2 months. Services could include:
    • Conducting technical workshops (i.e. URISA workshops)
    • Conducting software-specific training classes (where software selections are already in place, and no local presence exists to provide such training)
    • Assisting in the development of web-based interactive mapping applications
    • Assisting in the design of data models and data collection methodologies
    • Assisting in strategic planning of GIS systems and their implementation.
    • Engaging in and promoting an exchange program between the US and host countries professionals
  • Find Sponsorships
    • GISCorps will be supported by individuals’ donations, corporations, and other non-profit groups with similar goals.
  • Administration/Management