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GISCorps volunteers can offer their GIS expertise in a variety of overseas projects. These overseas projects could take volunteers either on-site (mainly to developing countries), or be conducted remotely and from the volunteer's home or place of employment.

However, it must be noted that GISCorps does not guarantee an assignment to everyone that applies to become a GISCorps volunteer. As new projects become available, our task is to supply the best qualified candidates for the position. Therefore for each new project that fits the mission of GISCorps we first generate short-list of a few candidates (the number depends on how many volunteers are requested) and after determining their availability, in most cases, we provide their resumes to the Partner Agency who will decide which candidate(s) would work best for their project. At that point, GISCorps responsibilities are over and GISCorps volunteers will be put in direct contact with the Partner Agency. For rights, privileges, and privacy issues refer to our General Policies.