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Applying to become a GISCorps volunteer can only be done on line, via our link sign up to volunteer. Once you have accepted our Code of Conduct and our General Policies and you have signed up to become a GISCorps volunteer, an automatic email message will be sent to you with a private login/password that you can use to update or delete your record.

GISCorps does not guarantee an assignment to everyone that applies to become a GISCorps volunteer. As new projects become available, our task is to supply the best qualified candidates for the task at hand. Therefore for each new project that fits the mission of GISCorps we will select two-three volunteer candidates and put them in touch with the agency that is hosting the project. From then on GISCorps responsibilities are over and GISCorps volunteers will directly contact/be contacted by the host agency. For rights, privileges, and privacy issues refer to our General Policies.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for GISCorps volunteers to volunteer at home. Please see section below on this. More volunteer related information - including a Volunteer Deployment Handbook - can be found at: