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GISCorps has initiated several K-12 related projects. A team of four GISCorps volunteers are managing these projects. They are:

Beni Patel, Leeanne Pacatte, Laura Horton, and Lucia Barbato

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K-12 Project in Hamilton County, Tennessee

In February 2009, the UT-TSU Extension office in hamilton County - Chattanooga, TN requested a GISCorps volunteer to help them install the ArcView software onto their new computers and facilitate group sessions on registering waypoints, downloading it into the computers, and creating printable maps for display. Andrew Carroll, the GIS Manager at ARCS, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, was selected for this project and assisted the 4-H club in several projects. Read more here.

K-12 Project in Grant County, Washington

In late May 2009, we received a request for GISCorps volunteers to assist a 4-H club in Grant County, WA. They conducted a variety of tasks including: teaching introductory GIS material to the youth, collecting information by digitizing and also GPSing various facilities and much more... Volunteers recruited for this mission were:  Kelly Stancel, J.J. Bach, Crystal Murphy and Beth Carpenter. Read more about the project in here.  

K-12 Project in Ames, Iowa

On June 1st 2009, we were asked to provide a GISCorps volunteer to assist a 4-H club in Ames, IA. The assistance was needed for critiquing various maps created by the youth. GISCorps volunteer, Brenda Swaim was recruited for this mission. Read more about the project in here. 

K-12 Project in Sac County, Iowa

Leeanne Pacatte recruited GISCorps volunteer Brandon Haas of NewCom Technologies, Inc. for a K-12 project in Sac County, Iowa. Brandon provided GIS assistance for a project called Barn Quilts. Read more about the project in here.

4-H Project in Collier County, Florida

This project was also managed by Leeanne Pacatte who recruited GISCorps volunteer Darryl Clare, the GIS Manager for City of Cape Coral, for a project in Collier County, Florida. The Collier County GIS Community Development Project is a collaborative project of 4-H of Collier County University of Florida IFAS Extension Services, Collier County School Board, the City of Naples City Council. Read more about the project in here.

K-12 Project in Oxford, Ohio

GISCorps volunteers assisted Caching Our World, a K-12 non profit organization, in conducting several events during the Geography Awareness Week. The event was held on November 13-15, 2007 at the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. GISCorps volunteers, Tara Havens, Lucia Barbato, Megan Winnenberg, and Patricia Moehring assisted Caching Our World in:

- Logistics (creating name tags, certificates, etc.) prior to the event

- Maps for the Map Gallery

- Guiding and mentoring students in grades 3, 4, and 5 throughout the event

To read more about the event and also see the photos, click here.