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Quotes from DRC Project's Volunteers

In late May 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) approached GISCorps about conducting a short-term time-sensitive crowdsourcing project for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. A total of 274 volunteers from 20 countries digitized nearly 600,000 building sites in two provinces over a period of 5 weeks. At conclusion of the project, we asked the volunteers to share their comments with us.

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What's is the value of knowledge/skills we acquire during our lifetime if we don't use it to help those who lack it or towards are very sustainable safe future?

Davince Koyo Nicodemus, Kenya

As someone who had a family member die as a result of polio, it was a good feeling knowing I could help eradicate polio from the DRC.

Kurtis Graham, USA

At this point in my life (with a child and a full-time job) I am unable to freely travel or devote lots of continuous hours to a volunteer position, but this project allowed me to provide meaningful help at home on my own schedule.

Jamey Rosen, Canada

Fun, purposeful and invaluable experience through GIS!

Ijagbone Ighodalo, Nigeria

GISCorps gave me an opportunity to use my GIS skills like a superhero would use their superpowers!

Christopher Schuchardt, USA

GISCorps Kicks Polio with a Click, deploying the science of Location Intelligence and Crowdsourcing. Click for Kick.

Olabisi Regina Abe, Nigeria

Every little click counts! This dispersed team proves that point... 100's of thousands of structure digitized by volunteers in a few weeks' time. Just amazing!

Carol McClellan, Canada

I feel privileged to be able to use my GIS skills for such a monumental effort, as part of an incredible global team. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

Amanda Miner, USA

GISCorps is doing great to help public and the needy one to solve their problems with the help of crowd sourcing information and allowing volunteers to contribute their work and help projects with the skills in GIS and other ICT tools.

Umesh Ghatage, India

I felt the kindness of humanity whiles partaking in the project. Seeing the dedication and passion volunteers had for the under privilege was just so inspiring!

Amin Alhassan, USA

It was so nice working on such volunteering project that utilize my GIS skills.

Maggie Mahmoud, Dubai

This was an amazing effort of individuals from around the globe with the common purpose of using geospatial technology with data to aid in eradicating the reappearance of a horrible disease - something that in my heart is what we should do with our GIS knowledge and skills in addition to our normal activities - giving back and using them to do good. It brought tears to my eyes to meet everyone who attended our meeting in San Diego! What an honor and a privilege!

Ellen West Nodwell, USA

Itís a great platform an opportunity for young professionals to connect and maximize their skills while positively affecting lives beyond the continental borders.

Kennedy Komla Kwashie, Ghana

The ability for me to contribute to such a largely impactful project, in my own way and on my own time, is greatly satisfying and manageable.

Evan Sepa, Canada

Slack and dashboard was create initiative to keep digitizing. Very motivating experience. Thankyou!

Eleza Boban Kollannur, India

This is a great project and demonstrates how the GIS community can come together to contribute to solving global problems.

Troy Wirth, USA

This is an opportunity for the crowd who are eager to spend little effort together and make bigger impacts!

Sam Ath Try, Australia

Working simultaneously with GIS professionals from around the world to accomplish this mission was incredibly empowering! I enjoyed working on this project and look forward to more volunteer opportunities with GISCorps in the future.

Kelsey Ayers, USA

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