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GISCorps volunteer creating web maps for WHS

The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) requested the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer to create several interactive maps. Katie Mayr, a GIS Specialist with City of Charlotte, NC was selected and has been working with WHS representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress  

Two Volunteers are recruited for a project in Afghanistan

This project is commissioned by Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) in Marietta, GA.  SPSU has been awarded a grant to establish a GIS program that includes furnishing two GIS labs and training the faculty at Kabul Polytechnic University. They asked the assistance of seasoned GIS educators to travel to Kabul for two weeks. Recruitment resulted in selection of two volunteers: Heath Robinson, an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and Stéphane Henriod, the head of GEOSTAT, Swiss Federal Statistical Office in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. They will travel to Kabul in August 2014.

Recruitment complete, work in progress 

Volunteer customizes a web map for the 1947 Partition Archive Project

The 1947 Partition Archive Project, a US based nonprofit organization has requested the assistance of a volunteer with expertise in further customizing a map of their Partition stories. The recruitment resulted in selection of Jason Lampel, a GISCorps volunteer from Michigan. Jason is now in contact with the Partition Archive Project representative.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Volunteer assists a project in Uganda

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and and Makerere University in Uganda requested the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer. CDC in Uganda is funding a survey, called the Crane Survey.  It mainly focuses on bio-behavioral surveys among high risk groups. GIS datasets of those who have been surveyed are created and they are interested in exploiting these data points by producing parish level maps of Kampala showing likely geographical concentrations of high risk individuals and use the outcome for outreach services. The interest is in both dynamic and static map products. Following recruitment, Steve Borders, an associate professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan was selected and he is now in contact with project representatives.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

A Story Map for Young Voices on Climate Change 

Young Voices on Climate Change (YVCC), a US based non-profit organization requested the assistance of a GISCorps volunteer for developing a Story Map. The Story Map will be developed in ArcGIS Online and will be an interactive map of youth worldwide reducing CO2 emissions and taking action on climate change. The recruitment resulted in deploying Pamela Bond, a GIS Specialist with Idaho Department of Fish and Game. She is now in contact with YVCC’s founder, Lynne Cherry.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Three more GSDI projects are launched in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Nigeria

The request for volunteers came from Zimbabwe (Savetech Solutions), South Africa (Endangered Wildlife Trust), and Nigeria (Geographical Resources for Development Centre). These are all GSDI projects and are either interested in developing a metadata Geo Portal (Zimbabwe and South Africa) or, already have one and would like to enhance it further (Nigeria). Due to similarities between these projects (all interested in an Open Source solution), we decided to form a team of four volunteers and provide assistance to them in a collaborative manner.

Following a thorough search, four volunteers were selected and we chose Karl Tiller, a Technical Advisor in the GIS Centre of Makerere University, funded by Horizont3000 as the Project Manager. The other three GIS Specialists are from: US (Brylie Oxley), Pakistan (Asmat Ali), and California (Chris Nicholas). Karl has created a wiki site and the team has been collaborating via that site.

Recruitment complete, work in progress

Mission with iMMAP/WFP - North Korea

The project is progressing wonderfully and more map sheets are digitized by the volunteers. The original request for volunteers came from the World Food Program (WFP) and Information Management and Mining Action Program (iMMAP). Volunteers are charged with the task of digitizing 400 map sheets and will create several data layers such as: settlement points, transportation (roads, foot path, and railroads), rivers and lakes. To see the latest status map and read more about this project, click here.

Recruitment complete, work is progress

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Small Grants Program's 2014 Projects 

GISCorps has collaborated with the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) in its Small Grants Program since 2005. This year (2014) GSDI was funded by the Canadian government to provide grants of up to $2,500 to four programs that support “local, national and international spatial data infrastructure developments that will allow nations to better address social, economic, and environmental issues of pressing importance”. Applicants can also request GISCorps volunteer assistance. Thirty-nine applications were received. Assistance from GISCorps was specifically requested in eight applications and another four were identified as possibly able to use GISCorps assistance. At this writing all twelve applicants have been contacted and we are awaiting further clarifications about their projects and staffing needs.
Read about previous GSDI projects here.

Ongoing projects and deployments